I am an art director and graphic designer with 12 years of experience;
    I am based in London where I have been working free-lance for over 2 years.
    I specialise in art direction across the music, corporate, art, print and digital advertising sectors.
    I started my career at Italian agency Matitegiovanotte. Spending several years working with a great team,
    I developed advertising and brand identity for internationally renowned brands such as Nike Italy, Reebok, Mares.
    We also helped develop advertising and brand campaigns for local businesses looking to gain coverage
    in their respective sectors.
    All my life has shaped me into an incredibly passionate person.
    I draw inspiration from everyday life...movement, objects, textures in natural and constructed form.
    I embrace the challenge of using this inspiration to influence the emotions of my audience, ensuring every piece of work is completed to the highest standard with every detail considered.
    Through Live visual performance and photography I experiment with new forms of creativity,
    this allows a seamless blend into my professional work.
    Collaborations are very appealing to me. I’m drawn to new and innovative projects so please get in touch
    if you would like me to contribute a fresh perspective to your ideas. Let’s work together!
    I am proud to have been reviewed and published in several design and advertising publications,
    just ask for my resume, which I’d be happy to share with you.
     e    simone.verza@gmail.com